Saheed Osupa Partners OAU Lecturer to Convert Musical Records to Books

Lagos-based Fuji Musician, Saheed Osupa Partners Olabisi Onanbajo University Lecturer To Convert Musical Records To Books.

A lecturer at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Prof. Obatunde Adetola, has begun plan to convert the musical records of a Lagos-based fuji musician, Saheed Osupa, into books.

This was disclosed by Prof. Adetola, during his meeting with Saheed Osupa, Special Assistant to Ogun State Governor on Youths and Sports, Lamide Lawal, and Media consultant of the project, Rafiu Alarape.

Adetola stated that plans are underway to convert music of the Fuji icon, into literature books.

Prof. Adetola who described the musician as an enigmatic philosophical singer, remarked that his style of music cuts across all generations with intellectual insight.

He noted that “Osupa does not just put musical instruments together to make noise, but make his music have depth and teach morality.”

After the meeting on the project

The Professor of Sociology Developments hinted that Osupa’s kind of music appeals to somebody like him because the society has much changed from good to more of negativity today.

He added that Osupa stands out to continue to emphasize morality within the decadence of society.

“That alone caught my attention and I listen to his music, and use it especially whenever I was teaching sociology of music.

“In the contemporary Nigeria when we have challenge in terms of what is good and what is bad, I follow his kind of music especially since the demise of Dr. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.

“Between two of them, Ayinde Barrister represented the earliest generations of fuji, he was the creator of fuji, and Osupa is the contemporary. I think he is fit into that position,” the lecturer said.

“By my own assessment as the King of Fuji music in Africa and the world because of the depth he has, and if you are interested in progress development of any society using music, I think the kind of music Osupa sings is a way to go.

“I transited from Ayinde Barrister to Saheed Osupa. Since the demise of Barrister, I don’t listen to any music than Osupa,” he added.

Adetola further stated that what connects him to the musician is the depth of philosophical, poetic, that is full-body expressions for those who understand Yoruba.

He said he does not dance but mostly he nods his head whenever he listens to the music.

“Whenever I nod, I hear those philosophical words, so when we play his songs, I do take from them to teach in class,” Adetola said.

“I have someone else that I want to write about which is reminiscent from urban music. He used philosophical words in his song titled ‘Pomile.’

“I love him too. So when I was told, I said no problem that what he wants is good decision,” Prof Adetola stated.

“During the Covid-19, I have written this book, because writing is not a problem to me. This is the book I titled, ‘Saheed Osupa Adventure into Fuji Music.’

Adetola affirmed that Osupa has become not only an ambassador but also encyclopedia of Yoruba culture.

“I can also linken it to what we call an Enigma. In the sense that to study him, we are going to do two volumes of books.

“One will contain only him. It will be devoted to primary and secondary schools, but we are going to start from tertiary, that is how we are going to do the volume.

“Later, we will do curriculum that will be for pupils. We can’t start from there this is not a matter of Alawiye.

“As we all know that if we want to build houses, we need to go to quarry to break the rock. We can’t start Osupa from pupils; it will be too much for them.

“What we are doing is beyond Yoruba culture, it is only that it came in through to Yoruba culture.

That is why we titled it ‘Adventure into African Culture through Fuji Music,’ by power of God, I believe we are going to achieve it,” he concluded.

While reacting to the initiative, Dr. Osupa appreciated the university professor for his encouragement.

He noted that meeting him would inspire him to do more for the teeming fans and youths in Nigeria.

Special Adviser to Governor Dapo Abiodun on Youths and Sports, Olamide Lawal, thanked Professor Adetola for developing interest in Osupa music, in spite of his academic exploits.

He added that Professor Adetola’s love for Yoruba music, especially Saheed Osupa’s kind of music distinguishes him among his colleagues as a promoter of Yoruba culture.

“Well thank you very much. Using some personality as inspiration, their lifestyle, or the way they have lived their lives will influence younger ones in the right part.

“We feel that being someone that sings philosophical songs, we can also translate that into intellectual community, whereby the young ones can learn from it.

“It will also promote African culture, and it will also promote the talent. The impact on the youth is that it will influence them,” he said.