How It Work

9jaschoolnews is an online Education media that gives every registered student the opportunity to get paid daily with their phones at the comfort of their house by reading news, commenting on news, referring friends, sharing post and take a quiz.

This a service created for Ghana and Nigeria student and to eradicate lack of needy among student and able to pay for their need, like paying school fees, buy lesson note, Biro, school uniform and others. Here on 9jaschoolnews you don’t just earn, you also learn

As we all know that majority student drop out from school due to lack of finance and some didn’t drop out but facing financial problem, that is why 9jaschoolnews came with this ideal to empower student to earn some money by performing some activities on our website ,

This is a very simple task. All you have to do is to register and start earning by reading Education and School news, commenting and sharing our sponsored post or paid adverts.

We want to keep a strict community, to make this possible, we set up a
registration fee of ;

10.50 CEDI’s for Ghana student

700 NAIRA for Nigeria student

Also as a member, you can earn affiliate commission by referring your friend and You will be earning a huge commission of 250 Naira per each or 3.76 CEDI’s person you refer to join the website through your referral link. The more people you refer to join, the more commission earning.

How to become a 9jaschoolnews student?

To become 9jaschoolnews students, you have to first register a account (

Then, follow the registration process and sign up by clicking continue

Note: You are required to pay Registration Fee of ;

11 CEDI’s for Ghana student

700 NAIRA for Nigeria student

TO Get a Activate Coupon Code simply click on the Buy Coupon button that will appear on the Homepage of the site, and get your Coupon code from any Vendor Listed on The Site after you have successfully gotten your Coupon Code Proceed with your registration.

My Account has been activated. What Next?

Once you activate your account, you become a full students of 9jaschoolnews.

It’s time to perform activities and also refer your friends to the website using your referral link to make money!

That’s cool right??? yeah, it’s time to get to work and make cool money! Here on 9jaschoolnews, you don’t just earn, you also learn and there’s no story, no excuse. We both work and we both share the profits. We are transparent and we are trustworthy.

How Will You Get Paid To your Bank Account?

1. Activity earnings is every saturday of every week and minimum withdraw is 3000point

2. Refferal earning withdraw is every day. Minimum of ;

750 NAIRA for Nigeria student

11.28 CEDI’s for Ghana student ( referral of 3 persons)

When you are a 9jaschoolnews member, you will Earn:

When you are a 9jaschoolnews member, you will Earn:

1. Welcome bonus: 200point When you create your account, you will be gifted 200point as welcome bonus

2. Sharing sponsored post: 100point You share our sponsored post on your Facebook timeline and earn daily.

3. Daily Login: 50point You earn 50point bonus for your Daily login.

4. Reading of school news: 4point We also provide news daily to keep us all updated. You earn while you read it.

5. Asking of question: 2point you will be gifted 2point when asking questions related to Education or school news.

7. Referral Bonus is : When someone registers through your referral link you earn your Instant Bonus of ;

  • 11 CEDI’s for Ghana student
  • 700 NAIRA for Nigeria student

How To Get Paid To Your Bank Account?

When you reach a minimum withdraw either for Referral earning or Activities Earning you are advice to navigate to menu bar on the website, locate the withdraw form and fill all the necessary details. For Nigeria student you are require to fill all you banks detail correctly.

For Ghana student, they are only allow to receive their payment through chipper cash app, this chipper cash are allow for only Ghana student, so we are advice Ghana student to download the chipper cash app on Google playstore, after downloading fill all the necessary details.

So, when filling the withdraw form you will require for you chipper cash detail and you earning will be deposit.

To know more about chipper cash apps click Here >>> Chipper cash details

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Whatsapp: 07054385853