9jaschoolnews New Policy For All Member

As a way to make 9jaschoolnews a big community for all students to make money without stress, we have come with a new policy, the purpose of this policy is to prove that 9jaschoolnews is not a scam website but a legit and genuine one.

As far as 9jaschoolnews is concern, 9jaschoolnews is now offer free registration for anyone who have interest to make money but if reach minimum for withdrawal, they should pay in order to withdraw, that is when someone reach his/ her minimum withdraw he/she we need to pay one time payment of #600 before he/she can cash out.

These are the activities to perform to earn on 9jaschoolnews:

  • Welcome bonus: 150point When you create your account, you will be gifted 150point as welcome bonus
  • Sharing sponsored post: 50point You share our sponsored post on your Facebook timeline and earn daily.
  • Daily Login: 50point You earn 50point bonus for your Daily login.
  • Reading of school news: 3point We also provide news daily to keep us all updated. You earn while you read it.
  • Asking of question: 2point you will be gifted 2point when asking questions related to Education or school news.
  • Referral Bonus is : When someone registers through your referral link you earn your Instant Bonus of #50, minimum of 50

Note: Referral is optional.

How Will Y,ou Get Paid To your Bank Account?

1. Activity earnings is every 7th and 28th of every month and minimum withdraw is 3000point

2. Refferal earning withdraw is 15th of every monthly Minimum of 50 referral

Note: Two or more account is not allow

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