Where Are The Almajiri School Former President Good luck Jonathan Built in The North

Now that the almajiri are been returned back to their different state because of the corona virus, I think, this is the right Moment to ask President Goodluck Jonathan about the Almajiri schools he built in Northern Nigeria for them.

This is because since these government came into power nobody have heard anything about the school again because that was one of the way Jonathan intend to curb the rising number of school drop out in the north.

According to UNICEF report, Nigeria has about 10.5million out of school children, and the majority of them are from northern Nigeria.

these out of school youths who are popularly known as Almajiri’s now move from one state to another begging people for money and food, at this process, some of them are being recruited into activities that can put the country security at risk.

I believe this was what Jonathan wanted to reduce that was why he embarked on building of schools to accommodate these street children,even though many think that he embarked on that projects as a strategy to get votes from North.

Unfortunately, his good planned for the almajiri was yet to be fully achieved when he lost to President Buhari in the 2015 presidential election.

almajiri are kids in the north whose parents are unable to provide for them and as a result, left them in the hands of Arabic teachers who care less about them.in other For them to survival, the go out into the street to beg for food so that the have what to eat

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