What Students And Parents Should Expect When Schools Re-open

Schools were closed starting the 15th of march just two days after the first corona virus patient was confirmed in the country.This was after an order by H.E President Kenyatta.Students from primary to university level have been home for slightly above 2 months now.This has been hard for students,parents and even teachers.Their is always light at the end of the tunnel as students may soon resume studies in Kenya.When that happens expect the following..

learners will be expected to maintain high level social distancing.This will impact how they sit in the classrooms and even in dining halls for meals.

learners should not expect to resume school games,drama festivals and any other social functions.This is in a bid to maintain social distance and recover lost time to cover the syllabus.

Teachers and support staff will be regularly screened their temperature and may also be tested for corona virus.

parents should prepare for high cost of transport considering the social distancing in matatus will still be in place.parents should also expect to buy shoes,clothes and other equipments due to how long students have been home.

finally students should not expect to come home any time soon.It will be long before they hit the road back home

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