Three Reasons Why Schools Should Not Resume For Now

I know that students are eager to resume to school and continue with studies but to be frank with you, there is every need to mellow down for now as the country is yet to recover. All Schools are eager to resume, we have missed classes alot but we forgot to know that the disappointment would Result to be a blessing in disguise. I want you to consider these three facts and have a rethink;

1. Things are not getting better: for this

single reason, it is enough to maintain the hideout for now. Assuming the problem is subsidizing, we would have said it's better we resume. Instead of getting better, it keeps rising and you think the best thing to do is to resume school and mingle with people from different states?? This is not the best time to agitate for school Resumption.

2. Most of the things linked with Education are currently on hold:

Incase you will think you are going to graduate late, lose out and all of that, I want you to know that there is no movement in front of you. Nysc is not mobilizing new Corps members, There is no employment for graduates for now etc. So why the rush?? Assuming other sectors are working and moving ahead, then you can say they have deprived you of your supposed Resumption and agitate but for now, it is not right to think schools should resume.

3. It is only the living that uses certificates:

Your life comes first before school certificate. If you agitate to resume school and anything happens to you, that certificate you are pursuing will become a waste. I believe you must have known before now that certificate is the only property that can not be inherited. Once you die, that's the end of it. Put your life first before thinking of certificates. 

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