Lady who got pregnant at 14 finally graduates at 18.

Twitter users were thrown into frenzy after a lady shared her story of how she got pregnant at 14years and later graduated at 18years.

A Lady with the name Lillyworddd has shared on the micro-blogging site twitter how she achieved her dream after the set back she had when she became pregnant at 14years but was able to push through to graduate.

This story defines the power of a dream and has touched the hearts of those using the twitter site. In some circumstances, the lady will have dropped out of school.

This story generated response from users, some acknowledged the fact that she was resilient enough to chase her dream despite being pregnant at such a tender age in her teens.

Some said she must have had a strong financial support to pull through such set back. The lady has no doubt demonstrated the strength in believing that one can achieve against all odd

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