How to revise for exams and pass

Here are new revision techniques to help you pass on good grades.

1.Start your preparation early.

If you want to achieve the best score you can,lay the groundwork well in advance.

For most types of exams at University level,you will need to have thought quite deeply about your subject,and be able to manipulate concepts confidently enough to apply them to new problems.

Trying to take alot of information the night before your exams is a bad idea.

A look at past papers will give you a good idea if the type of questions likely to come up.

2.Revise a little bit but often

Revise a little but often if you want to do better, don't avoid working but don't overdo it either.

Always stick to your revision plan.

If you will reduce stress,you enhance learning and improve on performance.

3.Eat and sleep well

Succeeding in exams isn't just about learning,it is also about looking after yourself during the days and weeks leading to the event,inorder to reduce anxiety.

Resting, socializing and keeping on top of everything else during exam period will help keep your stress Level down.

Your brain is part of your body,so eat well,stay hydrated and get good sleep.

4.Stay calm and reward yourself

As the exam day nears,there are ways of improving your performance, visualize being in the exam feeling confident and answering questions well.

Listening to some music before exams relaxes your mind and keeps you calm.

Do the following once in the exam room

1.Don't turn the paper over straight away.Breath deeply, take a moment and then look at the questions.

2.Start with the easiest questions and plan your answers to build confidence.

3.Ifyou freeze and go blank,look away from thepaper.Breath in and out severally until you are calm before continuing.

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