Exact Age To Separate Rooms For Your Children And Why You Should Teach Them Sex Education

A woman shared her experience with her grown up children recently. Despite been around with the children; her son successfully impregnated his sisters! It's happening and many just keep it to themselves in order to avoid being judged of being careless.

Parents of nowadays were full of life forgetting that their children is their life. Imagine a mother/father not knowing what is happening under his/her roof.

When you focus on work alone and neglect your children; the consequences of it is always huge. In order to avoid everlasting pain and hatred towards yourself and your family at large, you should know each character of your children by studying them just like you studied a course in a school.

If you're staying with your male child and a female children from age 6 upward, start teaching them sex education. Sex education is compulsory if you don't want to ruin your children lives. I could remember how my grandma used to tell us back then that if any boy touches us in school, corner or where no one can see us will resulted to a shameful pregnancy and that will be the end of our education as our parent will be so angry with us.

 That statement always comes up on my head whenever a guy tried to stopped me. My strong face would've chased the guy away even before I uttered a word(which won't be nice at all). Talk to each of them at different intervals and always check if they're yelding to what you've taught them by asking questions at least twice in a week especially from the female child.

Let female child sleep with you and the male sleep with their father.

Bath your female child and let the male child take care of himself or you bath him depending of his age.

Children of nowadays are cunning and sharp than ever you could think and that's why you've to monitor them and trained them in the way that they'll give you rest and safe your head from everlasting disgrace and pain.

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