It is no longer news that Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest rate of unemployment in the world, where we have a high rate of graduates that passes out from the NYSC every year who are supposed to bring productivity and enhance economic growth but reverse is the case, most of them even become nuisance in the society, because of mentality the came out with from the tertiary institution

Most of them have the mentality of just graduating to get a white collar job in the Oil industry or a government jobs, they can even go as far as paying huge amount to secure a job spot in government agencies. Whenever the is a job opening at any government agency or big companies, you will find out that there are over 300,000 graduates applicant for just one position.

At this digital age, most of these graduate do not acquire any skill, I was surprised when a graduate applying for the position of a secretary told me that she does not possess any computer skill, (a job which was later given to a SSCE holder, who has skills in MS packages, Corel draw and also a very good typist).

These days, the SSCE holders who could not afford to go to the university are mostly the ones who create opportunities through the skills they acquired out of the schooling system because they know they cannot depend on the government. I met a successful importer who is a graduate from the UNN and he told me he acquired his degree after establishing his business, he said he studied while doing business, and with the knowledge acquired in the university he was able to boost his business with over 35 staff and 3 branches nationwide. Nigeria graduates should focus more on learning skills in addition to the knowledge acquired from the tertiary institution to create more opportunities, instead of waiting for employment, they can become employers of labour. 

There are many courses available to take without going through the stress of writing JAMB or other entrance exams, I see a lot of SSCE holders learning programming languages(Coding), CCTV installations, Solar inverter installation, aviation courses, digital marketing courses and many other courses that does not necessary require college degree, these people become empowered after their training. Some people go to the university just to be called graduate like their friends but not to equip themselves with knowledge in other to contribute positively to the society.

After high school, I worked as a sales promoter for 2 different marketing and promotion companies for 4 years, became a field supervisor and gained more experience in the marketing sector, backed it up by reading books, now I can confidently say that I can beat many graduates of Marketing department to the game of marketing, currently training 15 sales promoters and studying entrepreneurship in the university to learn more about business and this is working for me.

Lastly, our youths (graduates and undergraduates) should be guided properly on the issue of employment, the government cannot employ everybody but provide social amenities for businesses to grow, so before going for degree courses, let us ask ourselves, “Can I create job opportunity with this career choice?”. The society today cannot offer us anything if we have nothing to offer. MY OPINION THOUGH.

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