Both Lecturers and Students of Uniben kidnapped by Herdsmen on their way to field trip

Insecurity has turned their trip to something else as they had been kidnapped by some group of herdsmen on their way from Igarra of Edo State. The necessary forces and Government need to double their effort in making sure they are brought back safely. We pray for their safety.

This indeed a sad news coming from the South as both Lecturers and Students of the prestigious University of Benin (Uniben) were kidnapped on their way to field work also know as field trip.

The security situation of this country has put these innocent ones into the net of these Herdsmen who the Government have refused to put under control.

These Lecturers and Students are from the department of Geology and this field trip is one of the most important courses taken. Students during this field trips are exposed to more knowledge about the Rocks in the Country; the way the are formed, the characteristics, properties, etc. This field trip is usually done yearly and apart from the educational part of it, it can also be fun and an opportunity for Students to tour and sight see.

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