See the maths topics jamb uses to set thier questions

Have you been wandering on how to get the top maths topics jamb use to set their questions? Then your problem have been solved.
You don't need to waste your time studying the whole past questions and answers, while other subjects are waiting for you. Just write down the topics listed below and you are ok.

1. Sets
Know the difference between empty sets and infinite set.
Union and intersection
Elements of a set
Venn diagram and problem solving.

2. Variation
Directly variation
Inverse variation
Joint variation
Partial variation

3. Indices and logarithms
Laws of indices
Standard form
Calculations using logarithms

4. Equations and formulae
Subtitution in formulae
Change of subject formulae

5. Mensuration
How to find perimeters and area of common shapes
Arcs, sectors, circles

6.Quadratic equations
Factorising quadratic equations
Solving problems on quadratic equations

7. Data presentation
Frequency tables
Bar and pie charts

8. Sequence and series
Arithmetic progression
Sum of terms
Geometric progression
Sum of of an n'th term

9. Gradient of a curve
Gradient of a straight line
Gradient of vertical and horizontal lines
Gradient from given equations
Equations of a straight line

10. Logical reasoning
Converse and inverse statements

11. Linear inequalities
Solutions to set of inequalities
Inequalities in two variables

12. Circles theorems
Angles at the center of a circle
Angles in the same segment of a circle
Cyclic quadrilateral
Tangent to a circle

13. Probability
Theoretical probability
Mutually exclusive events
Outcomes of non mutually exclusive events

14. Surds
And subtraction of surds
Conjugate of a binomial surd.

15. Matrices and Determinant
Addition of matrix
Subtraction of matrix
Transpose and trace matrix
Determinant of a matrix

16. Calculus

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