Is Seyi Makinde Truly Nigerian Best Governor?

After having it tough for years, the people of Oyo state has eventually heaved a big sigh of relief. The former governor is gone and now there's cause for smiles and laughter.
One of the beneficiaries of a change in government, from the All Progressive Congress (APC) to the present Peoples Democrat Party (PDP) in Oyo State is the civil servants and the retirees. With no date for payment of salary before and for always being owed salaries, banks stopped granting them loans. Now they know that payment day is the twenty fifth of the month.
However, the beneficiaries of the present governor is not only the civil servants. The masses, many of whom has children in public primary and secondary schools are elated. Books are given in large quantities to these children and the businesses of their parents have suddenly awoken. After all, when civil servants earn money, they do not chew it. They spend it out and it gets eventually to the masses.
As for students of secondary schools, a large number of text books covering almost all subjects were given to the them. Even notebooks was given - and for the first time in a long time in the state, both the text books and the notebooks had no pictures of the president governor or even his political party. It only bore a logo of the state.
If you think this is all, then you are mistaken. The three thousand naira that each students have to pay every academic year was scraped. In its stead is subvention which is given to all secondary schools running into billions of naira.
Infrastructure is not neglected. All ongoing projects by his predecessor is continued unless those whose contractors has shown irresponsibility by neglecting the contract after receiving payment.
The government is well loved by the masses as he runs a responsive government. He has refused to purchase cars for his aides. Even he himself uses his personal vehicles since lots of vehicles that was used during the previous administration was sold at the twilight of that administration.
Also, the governor has stated right from day one that he will not be collecting salary as he will be donating it to the office of Oyo state pensioners. He has just approved the payment of thirty thousand naira as new minimum wage in the state.
Governor Seyi Makinde is perhaps the only governor who also publicly declared his assets; a feat even the president who claims to be fighting corruption can not achieve. After all, the one without a skeleton in his cupboard has nothing to fear.
Hate him or like him, Oyo state governor seems a perfect gentleman for now.
Is he the best governor today? You tell me who is doing better than him if any.

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