How to reverse airtime sent to wrong number

We sometimes send our airtime to wrong phone numbers erroneously. It has been a common mistake because sometimes you can dial a wrong  digit or just forget a digit.

Imagine buying an airtime then you end up sending it to unintended person. It is really irking because very few actually know that it is possible to recover airtime sent to the wrong party. 

A number of people have been trying to figure out ways to reverse airtime sent to the wrong person but have not been able to stumble upon the right process. 
However, just like it is easy to recover mobile money sent to the wrong mobile subscriber, you can easily get back your credit after sending it to the wrong recipient. 

This is what you will do to ensure you get back your credit;
For most subscribers, you will be required to call a customer care agent and inform them immediately. You can contact them through their Facebook page, Twitter or dialing 100.
The fastest and efficient way is by dialing the above number.  After reaching them, you will be ask to provide your full names as they appear on your national ID, last top up and number. 
You will then share the wrong number and the amount of credit sent to that number. After giving all these details, the customer care will reverse the airtime to your number. 
The customer care agents will finally help you get back your credit. 
Note that, this can only happen when the recipient has not utilize the credit. 

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