How To Examine A Sick Person as a MedIcine Student, Nurse, And Doctor.

To find out the needs of a sick person, first you must ask important questions and then examine him carefully you should look for sign and symptoms that help you tell how ill the person is and what kind of sickness he may have. 

Always examine the person where there is good light, preferably in the sunlight never in a dark room.  

There are certain basic things to ask and look for in everyone who sick. These include things the sick person feel or report (symptoms), as well as things you notice on examining him (sign). These sign can be especially important in babies and person unable to talk. In this blog ‘signs’ is used for both symptoms and signs.

When you examine a sick person, write down your findings and keep them for the health workers in case he is needed.


Start by asking the person about his sickness. Be sure to ask the following.

1. What bothers you most right now?
2. What make you feel better or worse?
3. How and when did your sickness begin?
4. Have you had this same trouble before, or has anyone else in your family or neighborhood had it?

Continue with other questions, in order to learn the detail of the illness.
For example, it the sick person has pain, ask him.

1. where does it hurt? ( Ask him to point to the exact place with one finger)
2. Does it hurt all the time, or off and in?
3. What is the pain like? (Sharp,? Dull? Burning?)
4. Can you sleep with the pain?

If the sick person is a baby who still does not talk, look for signs of pain. Notice his movements and how he cries. (For example, a child with an earache sometime rubs the side of his side or pulls at ear.)

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